Deaf Culture

Hello, my name is Matt Ayyash. I’m here to talk about Deaf¬†Literacy Nova Scotia (DLNS) and how it can teach you about Deaf Culture.

There are many kind of people, such as Black, Indigenous, and People of Colours (BIPoC), Child of Deaf adults (CODA), interpreters, Deaf, and many others.

These people might want to know more about themselves and how they can learn to improve their literacy skills. DLNS can help these people find their place in Deaf culture and work with them to improve their literacy skills, so that they can be confident to enter the real world to find a career and other opportunities.

For example, I’m a soccer referee. At first, the players were surprised to see a Deaf referee, but eventually people accepted me and now I have a reputation as a good soccer referee.

Maybe through DLNS, the student can learn that they can become a soccer referee, they could job shadow me, for example, and see how a Deaf person can do the job. Through exposure, they can gain more confidence in their ability.

Soccer referee isn’t the only job for Deaf people. There are many differentcareer options out there to pursue. For example, they could be a fashion designer, teacher, lawyer, and so on. Many jobs are possible if the students are confident in their ability to communicate and knowing their identity and where they fit in.

Thank you, and if you want to contact DLNS for more information, the email address is below the video.

Thank you.