ASL Literacy

Hello, My name is Ellie Bernard-Wesson and this is my sign name.

Let’s talk about ASL literacy and how it helps to develop strong communication skills in reading, writing, math, and other basic life skills.

A common reason to learn ASL literacy would be to communicate with family, friends, and interpreters, right?

Suppose if you improved your reading, math, and other life skills, you will improve your communication and writing skills, for example, writing a resume, writing a driver test, or writing tests in general. If you were struggling in school, You would improve there as well.

Let’s take me for example, I did struggle with a driver test because my english skills weren’t good enough to answer the questions on the test. It took me three tries before I passed!

So, if your literacy skills improves, you may be able to understand your interpreter better and do well on your tests.

Here’s another example, you may want your resume to look professional, so you’d need to improve your literacy and reading skills to write a great resume.

If you feel you are ready to improve your literacy and basic life skills, you can contact DLNS through their email address below the video.

Thanks for watching!