Deaf Literacy Nova Scotia (DLNS) promotes and supports literacy and learning of Deaf adults through self-development, literacy, and American Sign Language/Maritime Sign Language (ASL/MSL) literacy.


1. Respond to the literacy needs of Deaf adults in Nova Scotia.
2. Provide Deaf adults with support and improvement with reading, writing, mathematics, and life skills.
3. Deliver accessible community-based adult literacy programming by providing resources and support to volunteers and Deaf adults throughout Nova Scotia.
4. Promote and encourage ASL/MSL literacy and Deaf Culture.


Deaf Literacy Nova Scotia was originally started as Metro Deaf Literacy Network (MDLN) in 1994 to promote literacy skills in the Deaf community in Halifax Regional Multiplicity (HRM). In 2002, MDLN rebranded itself as Deaf Literacy Nova Scotia and expanded its operational scope in response to the community needs, which was identified in a study initiated by Society of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nova Scotia (SDHHNS). DLNS follows the Nova Scotia Department of Education’s educational standards in its programs.