Deaf Literacy Program

This program follows the Nova Scotia Adult Learning Program curriculum. Deaf Literacy is taught by fluent ASL/MSL instructors in classroom setting. The program aims to improve reading, writing, math, and basic life skills for the Learners. The classes are open from September to May, and are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings at NSCC Ivany Campus in classroom 4522; Tuesday and Thursday at Keshen Goodman Public Library.

We offer class at no charge!

Who can become a Learner?

Any Deaf person who:

  • Wanting to improve writing, spelling, math, and basic life skills.
  • Lives in Nova Scotia.
  • Is 19 years of age or older.
  • is not enrolled in public school program.

We work with the goals of the Learner. A goal can be anything that is important to the Learner, such as:

  • Writing a letter.
  • Reading a TV guide.
  • Getting a driver’s license.
  • Taking a phone call.
  • Applying for a job.
  • Improving ASL/MSL storytelling skills.
  • Learning basic computer skills.